The Early Days….

I was born in upstate NY and raised in Massachusetts. I attended Boston College and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 1990. Towards the end of my Senior year, I was offered a position with Procter& Gamble and spent five years working in sales and marketing in New York, New Jersey and Florida. During my time in Florida, I earned my MBA from Nova Southeastern University by attending classes every weekend for two years while working full time.

Seeking out new challenges and growth potential in my career, I moved to China in 1995 and joined the footwear industry. I served as Quality Control Manager responsible for fifteen factories, a staff of thirty-five employees and over 60 million pairs of shoes per year manufactured for export to the United States. In 1997, I was promoted to a Country Manager position in Leon, Mexico. I lived and worked there for a year before being promoted to the sales and design headquarters in New York City. I spent two years in New York calling on major retailer headquarters in the United States including Target, JC Penney and Kohl’s. In 2000, Dynasty Footwear hired me and re-located me to El Segundo. I have been employed here for eighteen years and currently serve as Dynasty’s Vice President of Sales.

Finding a Place to Call Home

From the time I graduated college until I arrived in El Segundo in 2000, I lived in three different countries and had sixteen Different addresses. When I came to El Segundo, I planted roots in a place I wanted to call home. The schools, businesses, parks and services made me feel safe and comfortable — a combination I didn’t know I needed until I found it in this amazing community. My wife Gina and I purchased a home here in 2001 and started building a life. Our children Luc and Lia came along in 2006 and 2007, and that’s when our next adventure in El Segundo began.

Service to the Community

As the children grew, I started coaching my son and daughter’s teams in El Segundo Little League, El Segundo Girls Softball and AYSO. In 2013 I joined the Board of Directors for both ESLL and ESGS. I served as President of both boards and am currently still serving as the President of the Little League. I have worked with a number of departments in City Hall such as, Planning, Recreation and Parks, and City Council over the past five years. I recently joined Kiwanis in the hopes of extending my service to the community beyond the playing fields, and it has been a truly rewarding opportunity.

What Qualifies Me to Serve as Your Representative on Council

My experience in volunteering in the community over the past five years has prepared me well for the next step, to serve as your representative on City Council. In my leadership role – both paid and volunteer–I have been successful because of my willingness to listen to and respect differing opinions, which is key to serving the interests of a diverse community. Combining that with my vast and varied experience in international and domestic business gives me a unique perspective and a broad knowledge base from which to draw when making smart decisions about the future of our city.