Fiscal Responsibility

It is imperative that City Council always works towards achieving a balanced budget. We cannot mortgage the future of the city through short term fixes that have the potential to create long term problems and deficits. In order to both sustain and grow what we hold sacred in this town, we must be financially responsible. As your representative on City Council, I will use my extensive and diverse business experience to make solution-based decisions that find the balance between the best interests of our residents and local businesses

Public Safety

We are a sum of our parts: emergency services, city staff, school district employees, business owners, residents and volunteers all need to be respected and valued for what they bring to our community. Our emergency services are a greatly valued cornerstone of our city and they are the best at what they do. We need to use creative and solution-based thinking to find the means to provide them the resources necessary to keep our city safe, while being financially responsible in our approach and process.


As a parent of two children currently in the El Segundo public school system, I have a vested interest in seeing ESUSD grow and succeed in the future. In order to maintain our status as one of the top public education systems in the state, ESUSD will need to continue to add advanced learning programs to its curriculum. Technology is ever changing, and its effect on education is changing with it. We must strive to keep up with these developments and continue to allow our students to thrive in this highly competitive environment. I will seek out opportunities for the City Council and ESUSD to work together to achieve these goals for our children’s future.

Business Development

In order to both enhance and support our community services, we need to foster continued growth and development of our business community. Approximately 92% of our City’s current revenues come from business activities. We must be creative, responsible and strategic in how we grow. I will work diligently to help our business owners succeed and thrive in this competitive climate by strategizing new ways to bring more attention to all we have to offer as a City. I will work together with our local downtown businesses and come up with solutions to obstacles they face that impede growth.


Efficient repair and maintenance of our aging buildings is essential to the high standards that we expect in El Segundo. The Council must work together to not only fund the necessary repairs to many of our 50+ year old buildings, but also to seek ways to enhance what we offer our residents. I will make it a top priority to address these issues now before they become an even larger problem in the future.